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Get access to investors with BayStartUP.

Our task is to support startups according to their needs and to connect them with appropriate investor contacts. Through the BayStartUP investors’ network, we offer you access to a wide range of investors that are particularly relevant for the early-stage financing of startups. In addition to business angels and family offices, our network also includes corporate VCs (including companies from the investing German mid-market), venture capital funds and public investors.

Before we present your startup to an investor or let you present your company at one of our pitch events, we will coach you intensively. Of the 800-900 start-ups we meet each year, around 150 qualify for our investor events and direct introductions. Our investors appreciate the fact that we make this critical pre-selection and thus ensure the high quality of the pitches, and are accordingly happy to attend the events and pitch intros.

Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Vogl, founder and managing director of BLACKBOX Solutions: 

"In the run-up to the round, the BayStartUP team gave us ideal support and helped us convince a private investor from the BayStartUP investors’ network of our solution. With the HTGF in the lead, a powerful financing consortium was formed together with Bayern Kapital and the private investor".


Tobias Rüdiger, Head of Operations & Finance bei Spleenlab.

"With bmt, Apex Ventures and Dr. Carlo Velten, we are pleased to have three investors on board who not only have a broad network but also a lot of experience with young technology companies. This would not have been possible without the support of BayStartUP".

How to apply

Application requirements

In order to be introduced to the BayStartUP investor network, you must have at least one meeting with one of our financing experts as part of our financing coaching. He or she will support you in your optimal preparation and discuss with you the individual investor approach. We expect transparency about the status of your own investor contacts as well as a presentation of the list of investors contacted so far including their status.

Your application

Apply for access to our investor network if you already have a first business plan or pitchdeck - just fill out our 2pager and send it to

Download 2pager

The latest financing rounds

Pitch opportunities with BayStartUP

We prepare you intensively for all pitch opportunities in our network. Together with you, we decide which pitch formats are best suited to you and your needs. 

We open up the following presentation opportunities for you:

Direct introductions

In our “direct intros” we introduce you by e-mail with the jointly agreed documents: From our network of over 400 members we select suitable investors for you and address them specifically to your startup. We only contact warm contacts with personalised e-mails, which we select according to their investment focus.

Our promise to our investors to present only selected and suitable deal flow to them enables you to receive excellent feedback and visibility.

Business Angel Meetings

We offer you the opportunity to present your startup at our exclusive Business Angel Meetings. These meetings are attended by private investors who have been audited by us and able to support you with their know-how and market access. 

The series of events takes place in a pleasant setting, in which we not only create a stage for you, but also provide the opportunity and time for discussions at eye level afterwards. A total of 3-5 companies will pitch, after the presentation rounds questions can be exchanged. The investors present know which start-ups are presenting themselves and are familiar with the market.

Code of Conduct

You will find out in advance who will receive your documents. We have agreed a code of conduct with our private investors. In our cooperation with institutional investors, we also ensure that rules of conduct are observed in the interests of both parties.

The BayStartUP Venture Conferences are among the most important investor conferences in the German startup scene. Selected startups pitch here before a circle of 60 and more venture capitalists and active business angels. Depending on the focus of the conference (which take place three times a year), we address startups that already have valid six-figure revenues and are looking for growth capital for the A round, startups that want to take the next step towards internationalization or B2B startups that are still at an earlier stage of their business development.

We award the pitch places after a strict selection process. Following the start-up presentations, there will be ample opportunity for networking. It is important to us to stay in close contact with all parties after the conferences, to implement the feedback from investors with the start-ups and to advance the financing.

The next dates, application modalities and further detailed information on our Venture Conferences can be found at and

Regional investor events

In cooperation with the digital startup centres in Bavaria, we coordinate regional investor events in the Bavarian administrative districts. The sequence of events is based on the BayStartUP Business Angel Meetings; we invite a selected group of investors to each event.

Presentation in the "Investor Letter”

With the BayStartUP Investor Letter we provide you with access to all of the more than 300 private investors in the BayStartUP investors’ network. Every two months, we send it to all business angels listed with us, who thus receive a compilation of all the startups presented at our events at regular intervals.

Consultant day with Bayern Kapital and the High-Tech Gründerfonds

Five times a year, BayStartUP gives you the opportunity to contact the investment managers of Bayern Kapital and High-Tech Gründerfonds directly for information on financing opportunities and to receive initial direct feedback on your business concept. 

You have 45 minutes to introduce yourself. 10 minutes are reserved for your investment pitch, the subsequent 35 minutes are used for feedback and, if possible and useful, for a live demo. The BayStartUP financing experts will prepare you for the appointment as part of our financial coaching. The application is made centrally via our investor network with a meaningful 2pager to

Good to know

Presenting yourself to investors from our network is completely free of charge for you. We do not expect any introduction fee or take any presentation fees.

We will not introduce your company to our network only when we believe that you meet our success criteria for investor matchings. Our quota of 30-40 percent of successfully arranged financing rounds speaks for itself.

Investors in our network can invest at least EUR 50,000 per startup per round and have a portfolio strategy. With this ticket size we are above the average especially of Business Angel Investments in Germany.

Remember: No financing round is completed in less than three months - six or even nine months are realistic until the money is actually in your company account. Get in touch with us in good time!