Business knowledge for startups.

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What startup founders need to know

In our training and further education opportunities, we provide you with practice-oriented expert knowledge, tailored to the needs of startups. Our experts teach you how to make well thought-out business decisions for your company and your team. In addition to practical methodological insights, you will learn what makes your stakeholders tick and what their needs are - from customers to investors to tax authorities. In addition to the expert referees, members of the BayStartUP team will be on hand at all workshops to provide you with advice.

As a training institution, BayStartUP has been active in the startup market since 2010.

What distinguishes the BayStartUP training modules

  • Quality controlled content
  • Speakers who bring genuine startup and investor expertise
  • An optimum of time and cost efficiency 
  • Know-how for every startup phase
  • Possibility of exchange with like-minded people who have similar decision-making powers

Business Planning workshops

The business planning workshops, which take place free of charge throughout Bavaria, provide a sound introduction to business planning. Our coaches will teach you how to approach a holistic strategic planning of your business project. We explain the most important elements of business planning that will also convince investors and potential business partners. We show you how to go through all the important perspectives in the design of a sustainable profitable business model in a structured way.

The BayStartUP Businessplaning Workshops are tailored to the requirements and content of the three phases in the Bavarian Business Plan Competitions:


The workshop "Business Planning 1 – Idea, Market and Customer Value" provides a general overview of the topic of business planning and how to analyze your market and competition. Learn how to formulate your company's story to important stakeholders in an interesting and convincing way and how to summarize the most important information about the business concept and solution in an understandable way. The goal: potential customers should see a real benefit in it. Learn the most important methods to analyze your market and competitive situation and to present your situation advantageously. Examples illustrate the theoretical know-how imparted.

The workshop contents in detail: 

  • Role, structure and formalities of the executive summary 

  • The right way to address your readers 

  • Presentation of the customer benefit of your idea and its holistic presentation in your business plan

  • Methods and key figures for market analysis 

  • Competitor analysis

With a focus on the topics of marketing and sales concept, we will show you in the workshop "Business Planning 2 – Business Model, Marketing and Sales" how to plan your project in a structured way and which business planning methods will help you. You will receive valuable practical tips on how to refine your business model. Exercises with examples of successful companies from our daily work with startups complement the theoretical part.

The workshop contents in detail:

  • Structure of your business model

  • Conception of marketing and sales concept

  • Pricing and sales strategies

  • Presentation of opportunities and risks in the business plan

In the workshop "Business Planning 3 – Implementation, Capital Requirements and Financial Planning" we support you in creating a complete business plan. You will learn what makes a mature financial plan and how to develop it in a coherent way. We also explain how the quantitative information from the individual areas of a business plan must flow together, so that you can design a successful realization roadmap based on it, as well as present your team correctly.

The workshop contents in detail: 

  • Setting milestones

  • Financing

  • Presentation of all relevant sub-plans in the business plan (e.g. liquidity, cost, sales and personnel planning, P&L, marketing, etc.) 

  • Presentation of the entrepreneurial team

The workshops take place online and offline. You can decide for yourself whether you want to attend the on-site workshops or join the online tutorials digitally from home. These cover the contents of a 3-4 hour business planning workshop in two parts of one hour each.

Profile: Business Planning Workshops

Target group: (potential) competition participants
Duration: 3 hours
Content: Basics of business planning
Costs: free of charge
Speakers: BayStartUP employees
Location: Munich and Nuremberg


With a total of nine online tutorials, we prepare you specifically for the creation of a professional business plan. As a digital alternative, this offer complements our Bavaria-wide business planning workshops. The tutorials are also adapted to the respective competition phases. For each phase we offer you two business planning tutorials, as well as a compact tutorial.

Content: Business planning and story, product, service

The tutorial offers a general business planning overview, provides tips on how to proceed and deepens the description of your product or service. In addition to the technological basis, the quantification of the significant, relevant customer benefit is essential for monetization. Learn how to describe your products "to the point".

Content: Market, competition, executive summary, business model as part of the executive summary

In this tutorial we show you how to research your market and competitive situation and how detailed this should be presented in the business plan. For the executive summary of your project, you will learn how to show how your company will earn money.

Content: Marketing and Business Model

The tutorial gives you an overview of the aspects of marketing and sales that are important for monetization. We focus on the differentiation of the product, communication and especially pricing. With the help of the Business Model Canvas, the business model - the profit engine - is designed.

Content: Sales, opportunities and risks

In order to generate sales revenues, entrepreneurs must determine precisely who their potential customers are, how they reach them and how they manage sales success. The tutorial therefore focuses on your sales strategy. In addition, you will learn to recognize risks for your business model, to present them accordingly and to develop strategies for action.

Content: Team and implementation schedule

The tutorial shows the importance of the team and how it should be represented accordingly in the business plan. The realization or milestone plan should show the most important development steps regarding technology and monetization for the next years.

Content: Financial planning

The tutorial shows how financial planning brings together all quantitative information from the individual chapters of the business plan. With this "set of figures" you can then check whether your business concept is profitable and determine your capital requirements.

Profile: Online Tutorials

Target group: (potential) competition participants
Duration: 1-2 hours
Content: Basics of business planning
Costs: free of charge
Speakers: BayStartUP employees
Location: online

Basic knowledge of financing

Together with partners from our network, we offer you free basic seminars on the topic of startup financing.

Gain a sound overview of the opportunities and requirements of different types of financing for startups. The Get-together afterwards leaves plenty of time for personal questions and networking. The speakers - including, for example, private investors, representatives of BayStartUP, Bayern Innovativ, the LfA Förderbank Bayern, Bayern Kapital, the High-Tech Gründerfonds or BayBG - will be available for personal discussions. In addition, there are also investors on site who will tell you what successful startups do differently.

"Bank Financing for Startups" offers you an overview of the most important banking topics that are also relevant for start-ups at an early stage. Learn how to optimally prepare for the services from and appointments with a bank, when loans also make sense for start-ups, or which financing services banks also offer outside the classic loans. For illustration purposes, concrete financing examples are a fixed part of the workshop.

Profile: Basic knowledge financing

Target group: Founders looking for capital
Duration: 4 hours
Content: Sources of capital for founders
Costs: free of charge
Speakers: BayStartUP and partners from financing institutions
Location: Munich and Nuremberg

Professional workshops

The 4-6 hour BayStartUP specialist workshops address entrepreneurs in the startup phase and afterwards. They focus on areas of responsibility that you as an ambitious entrepreneur should keep in mind in order to bring your company to the market in an optimal way, and to manage it. You will receive valuable insights from us, from the establishment and optimization of your strategy to in-depth knowledge of various financing topics, as well as the areas of growth and business development. 

The workshops are held by experts from the BayStartUP network who have been active in the market for many years - including experienced coaches, investors, lawyers, tax consultants and entrepreneurs. The workshops are designed to be so practice-oriented that you can apply the contents directly to your own business case. The focus is on the following topics:

  • Management and leadership
  • Financing and investments
  • Marketing and distribution
  • Law and taxes

Profile: Professional Workshops

Target group: innovative entrepreneurs (business year 0-5)
Duration: 4 hours
Content: Entrepreneurial knowledge for start-ups, in particular on business development, financing and growth
Costs: 65-95 Euro
Speakers: Experts from the BayStartUP network 
Location: Munich and Nuremberg