Business planning as a road to success.

Why business planning pays off

Developing new business ideas and preparing them according to business management criteria is an important process in building your company. At the beginning, you are usually faced with the challenge of realistically assessing where your idea will take you.

Business planning helps you to gain insights in a structured way. Especially startups that want to get started quickly on the market usually require dynamic strategic business planning.

Many paths can lead to your goal

Business planning enables you, for example

  • to question the relevance of your idea or solution

  • Assess your market and competition,

  • to understand the "business logic" of your (potential) customers, or

  • to develop a monetization and a realization schedule for your idea.

Approaches such as Lean Startup, the Business Model Canvas, agile procedures and the validation of findings from short iteration stages or even classic business planning are possible approaches that complement each other.

With BayStartUP you learn the basics of business planning and how to communicate a related business model to your stakeholders. It is up to you to decide in which written form you will then present your findings - e.g. exposé, pitchdeck, readdeck or business plan.

Guide to business planning

On the BaystartUP website you can download our manual (German language) for business plan creation free of charge. The manual explains by way of example what a finished business plan looks like. Please note, the business planning guide can be provided in German language only.

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Business planning workshops

For the exact implementation, questions and fine-tuning of your business concept, there are our free business planning workshops. They are aligned to the three phases of the Bavarian Business Plan Competitions in terms of content and form a free compact offer on all the basics of business planning. You can find detailed information about the workshops here. An overview of all dates can be found at

Bavarian Business Plan Competitions

This is what it's all about

Startups from all over Bavaria have the opportunity to submit their ideas and business concepts to the Bavarian Business Plan Competitions in three competition phases. All submitting teams will receive extensive written feedback on their ideas and business plans. The jury consists of investors, entrepreneurs and experts in the startup scene.

Your benefits

Benefit from professional feedback close to the market on your own idea - in a very early phase of your company! Especially for technology-oriented teams relying on venture capital to build up their company, the Bavarian Business Plan Competitions are considered a brilliant kick off for the first financing rounds. Top teams also get the chance to win prizes and invitations to exclusive business angel and investor events.


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