Approach investors successfully.

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Targeted preparation of your investor meetings

BayStartUP supports start-ups in their search for start-up and growth capital. Our goal is to significantly increase your chances of successfully completing the financing 

  • With our contacts to leading active early-stage investors, we support you in addressing investors directly.
  • As an investor network that has mediated 305 deals with an investment volume of 311 million euros since 2015 (pre-seed, seed or series A), we share our unique insights into the German investor scene with you. 
  • We continuously update our contacts and know the investment focus of the investors.
  • We ensure that the investors in our network want to receive our pre-selected deal flow.

Investor matchings - our philosophy

As a sparring partner, we are on your side. We challenge you in our Financial coachings both as entrepreneurs and as a team. No one else will approach you like a real investor - except that you will not take any risks with us.

In contrast to a management consultancy, we do not take on operational tasks for you, but help you by providing feedback, suggestions and tips as well as initiating contact with potential investors.

Matching fokus

Our matching focus is on innovative, technology-oriented companies with high growth prospects and scalable business models. Whether you are building groundbreaking machines, developing the software of tomorrow or pursuing a digital business model, at BayStartUP you have come to the right place.

High financing ratio

Our financing ratio is 30-40 percent of all companies presented in our network.

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Financial coaching

From our many years of experience we know that a matching between a startup company and an investor is only meaningful and successful if you are well prepared. Your documents and business plans must be correct, and your company must have reached a certain maturity. That is why we devote the majority of our work to making your startup company fit for approaching investors.

What you can expect from our coaching

  • We support you to develop the right financing strategy. We will provide you with an overview of the financing instruments that are available to you and will work with you to determine whether your company meets requirements, e.g. in terms of scalability and growth prospects.  
  • We prepare you intensively for discussions with investors: You will develop your pitchdeck, optimize your business plan and financial plan with our feedback. We will also help you fine-tune your pitches, in which you are expected to present your business model convincingly in just a few minutes.
  • We develop a joint fundraising agenda with you.
  • You will also learn many lessons, e.g. at the right time to approach investors, absolute no-go's and deal breakers, what it means to be investor ready.

Our coaches will also discuss with you

  • how to adapt your capital requirements to your financing round and company phase,
  • how to make realistic demands and how to sell yourself for the right value to investors,
  • how to develop and present a realistic evaluation, and
  • how to optimize your fundraising timeline.


These are our application requirements

A presentation in the BayStartUP investors’ network is possible if you meet the following requirements:

  • You have an innovation with growth potential 
  • a competent management team 
  • and at least a first draft for your business plan or pitchdeck.

How to apply

For a personal meeting with a BayStartUP coach, please fill in the 2pager with the most important information about you and your capital requirements so that we can assess your company, and send it to. We will of course treat the information confidentially

Download 2pager