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BayStartUP is a neutral and non-commercial institution for founders and investors alike. It is our task to support young companies in the development of their business and to connect them with suitable investor contacts.

The BayStartUP investor network therefore includes a wide range of investors relevant to the early-stage financing of startups. In total, over 400 private and more than 200 institutional investors are active within the network. In addition to business angels and family offices, which play an increasingly important role, we also include corporate VCs, venture capital funds and public investors.

This speaks for us

Largest investor network in Europe

Since 2015, we have mediated 449 financing rounds (pre-seed, seed or series A) with an investment volume of EUR 458 mio. BayStartUP and its predecessor organizations have been active in the startup market for a total of over 20 years.


We have the best overview of new business models

With us, you will gain the best insights into current business models of innovative companies throughout Germany and get to know new growth-oriented founders at an early stage.

Every year, more than 800 startups come to us with interest in or potential for equity financing. Of these, we support 500 teams in our close coaching. Between 130 and 150 startups are introduced to investors in the BayStartUP investor network every year.

We are experts in startup qualification

Our promise to the members in our network: we will provide you with selected and suitable deal flow. 

  • We align our services in such a way that you as an investor receive a maximum of high-quality startup introductions with a minimum of time expenditure. 
  • We deal intensively with your portfolio and your investment interest. 
  • We only present you companies in which we recognize real potential and where we have the necessary documents for a quick examination of the investment. 
  • Thanks to a strong database in the background, which includes over 1,600 startups with exact profiles and business plans, we are able to offer you very targeted direct introductions to startups from our network.

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How to become a member of the BayStartUP investor network

Get in touch to talk to us personally to become a member of our investor network and receive qualified deal flow from BayStartUP!

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