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Convince our jury with innovative technologies and well thought-out business concepts. With the Munich Business Plan Competition, you lay the foundation for a fast, successful market entry and initial sales - factors that are essential to convince investors.

Traditional competition for innovators

The Munich Business Plan Competition is one of the most prestigious awards that startups can receive for innovative business concepts in Germany. The winners are characterized by a very good understanding of the market and customers, real growth potential and an extreme variety of topics. Since 1996, BayStartUP has been supporting prospective founders from southern Bavaria with this award.


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Dr. Miriam Haerst, co-founder of Kumovis, winner of the Munich Business Plan Competition 2018:

With the external feedback loop from the jurors in the Munich Business Plan Competition, we were able to sharpen our corporate strategy as a team. Discussions with the BayStartUP experts and jurors were worth the effort, as we could improve all plans regarding our company and increase the level of detail in our strategy. With the knowledge that we have built up as a result, we were optimally prepared for our first round of financing and could confidently present a mature business plan to the investors.

Further information for participants

Find out more about the course of the competition, learn about the jury and which requirements you need to meet, how the winners are selected, terms of participation and much more.

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The winners of each phase of the Bavarian Business Plan Competitions are honored at award events, some of which are highly exclusive. Take advantage of the opportunity to get involved in discussions and expand your network no matter if you are among the winner teams or not. Get in tourch with other founders, startup experts, investors and successful entrepreneurs.

  • Immerse yourself in the startup scene from Southern Bavaria
  • Get to know the best startups in the region
  • Keep an eye on the latest technologies and business models
  • Excellent networking opportunities
  • Insights and discussions with investors, experienced entrepreneurs and ambitious founders

Winners 2023

Energyminer taps into a new regenerative energy source - that of kinetic hydropower without interfering with the flow behaviour of the watercourse. The company, founded in 2021, has developed and applied for a patent for a new technology that produces electricity in rivers quickly, cleanly, sustainably and cost-effectively. The implementation takes place with little effort and without interfering with nature.

Treatment of obesity by sclerosing the "hunger nerve" from inside the stomach: Sedivention is developing a catheter, the Blizzard Balloon, to treat obesity. The nerve fibres that conduct the feeling of hunger from the stomach to the brain are sclerosed from the stomach using cold - outpatient and non-invasive. The patient then no longer feels hungry and can lose weight more easily.

baind enables energy and CO2 savings in commercial properties through AI-based building control. The areas of heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting and shading are controlled. The AI selects a strategy that is energetically optimal across all systems and takes into account current and expected conditions, including energy generation systems, storage, occupancy and the weather.

Frequently Asked Questions

Based on your postal code, you will be assigned to the Business Plan Competition Swabia or Ideenreich, the Munich Business Plan Competition or the Business Plan Competition Northern Bavaria when you register your team.

The competition is a platform on which you can test your concepts and improve them through feedback. So: yes, please submit your concept even if it is not perfect, yet.

You upload your concept in our protected web portal after a successful registration at All our judges have signed an NDA and are bound to secrecy.

If we at BayStartUP communicate your solution externally (e.g. if we present your team as a winning team as part of our marketing activities), then only with content that you have approved in advance.

Feedback from experts, the chance to be included in the free BayStartUP financial coaching, media attention, prize money, support from the twelve digital incubators throughout Bavaria and our other partners in the network, information and updates from the Bavarian startup scene.

The page numbers of the chapters are guidelines, but they should by no means be exceeded. In terms of content, you should make sure that you address the main topics of the respective competition phase.

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Head of Business Plan Competitions Munich, Swabia & Ideenreich

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