Provide feedback and shape the startup ecosystem.

With their expert knowledge, the jurors of the Bavarian Business Plan Competitions make a significant contribution to supporting founders in their business planning.

Competition jurors at BayStartUP

Our approximately 300 competition jurors are an important part of the BaystartUP network. They are the first to gain insights into the latest business models of the startups. Their evaluation of the business plans is an important feedback for the entrepreneurs, which enables them to further sharpen their concepts and to position themselves strongly in the competitive environment.

In doing so, they are actively involved in volunteer work for young Bavarian entrepreneurs. With annual jury events and invitations to the sometimes exclusive awards of the Bavarian Business Plan Competitions, we say thank you for your support.

Get to know the startup scene! At the award ceremonies of the Bavarian Business Plan Competitions, the most important players in the Bavarian startup scene come together to celebrate the best teams in the final competition phase.

Jazzeinlage auf der Prämierung im Münchener Businessplan Wettbewerb 2018

We also coordinate very special events for our jurors - with, for example, exclusive insights into the production and office premises of former successful competition participants.

Für unsere Juroren koordinieren wir zudem ganz besondere Veranstaltungen - mit zum Beispiel exklusiven Einblicken in die Produktions- und Büroräume ehemaliger erfolgreicher Wettbewerbsteilnehmer. 

Exklusive Führung für die Juroren der Businessplan Wettbewerbe bei Magazino

Who can become a juror?

The submitted business plans are evaluated by a jury of several entrepreneurs and investors. Important for becoming a juror is a sound understanding of business planning, a feeling for sustainable, innovative concepts and expertise in the startup scene. If you yourself are an experienced entrepreneur, successful founder or committed investor, we look forward to receiving your application.

These are your tasks

Write feedback for the participants

The Bavarian Business Plan Competitions are distinguished by the fact that all participants - regardless of their ranking - receive feedback from our jury. To ensure this quality, we need your comments and suggestions for improvement in written form.

Since the submission and evaluation process is carried out entirely via our protected online tool, your activity is independent of location. Only the jury meeting will take place in person. Here, the pre-selected startups (based on the jury's assessments of the business plans) present their business ideas personally in pitches. The participating jurors then determine the winners of the respective competition phase.

Objective evaluation of business plans

As a juror, you will receive about 3-10 plans (depending on the phase), create detailed evaluations and comments for each plan and award points. In addition to the overall impression, you evaluate all elements of the business plans separately.

Scope of the engagement

As a juror, you have the choice of how many competitions and competition phases you are involved in.

  • You have approximately four weeks per phase to evaluate the plans. 
  • Experience shows that an entrepreneurial juror needs about 20 minutes in phase 1 to evaluate a plan, about 40 minutes in phase 2 and about 60 minutes in phase 3. 
  • For investor jurors, approximately half the time per plan should be allocated to each phase.


Apply as a juror

You can apply either as an investor or entrepreneur juror.

Send a meaningful mail (with a short CV) to Tobias Bladowski (Business Plan Competition Northern Bavaria) or Max Achmedschin (Munich Business Plan Competition, Business Plan Competition Swabia and Business Plan Competition Imaginative). The respective project manager will then send you the jury onboarding package of BayStartUP by mail. It consists of a guide for jurors, a registration form, a schedule for the competition season and a confidentiality agreement.


Head of Business Plan Competitions Munich, Swabia & Ideenreich

Max Achmedschin

Head of Business Plan Competition Northern Bavaria

Tobias Bladowski
+49 (0) 179 39 79 539