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Enter the competition among the most innovative founders from Bavaria with your business concept! Develop your business idea with expert support for a successful market entry and lay the foundation for your corporate financing.

How it works

Bavarian Business Plan Competitions

In the Bavarian Business Plan Competitions, innovative founders from all sectors benefit from professional feedback on their own idea at a very early stage. The competition enables them to quickly steer their concepts in a direction that appeals to their market as well as potential partners, investors and customers. Today's successful competition alumni include companies such as Adnymics, Blue ID, Fazua, Flixbus, invenox and Magazino, Testbirds or Toposens.

For many investors, a good competitive placement is a reliable proof of quality and is synonymous with well thought-out, future-oriented business models. Especially for technology-oriented teams that depend on venture capital to build up their companies, the Bavarian Business Plan Competitions are considered a springboard for the first financing rounds.

To the Business Plan Competitions

Markus Kett, Co-Founder & CEO MicroStream

The business plan competitions are the ideal start for all founders who have big goals: Participants receive extensive know-how through expert feedback and the motivation to develop a high-quality business plan with consistent financial planning. After winning the second phase of the competition, we were already able to convince investors of our technology.

Roadmap of the competitions

Startups from all over Bavaria have the opportunity to submit their business concepts and ideas in three competition phases of the Bavarian Business Plan Competition. This gives participants the opportunity to develop or optimize their business plan step by step. The support program with workshops on business plan preparation and the events surrounding the competition take place throughout Bavaria.

Startups do not have to be there from the very beginning - a lateral entry is possible at any time, and there are new opportunities to win in every phase.

Deadline for submission: 18th January 2022

The focus in phase 1 of the Bavarian Business Plan Competitions is on the business idea and its customer benefit. A business sketch of approx. 7 pages in total (+/- 10 %) is required. It should contain a short executive summary, a detailed description of the product/service and an analysis of the market and competition.

Submission deadline: 29th March 2022

The focus in phase 2 of the Bavarian Business Plan Competition is on marketing and sales. A business plan of approx. 20 pages in total (+/- 10 %) is required. It should contain a short executive summary, a detailed description of the product/service as well as an analysis of the market and competition, marketing and sales, business model and organization, opportunities and risks.

Deadline for submission: 31st May 2022

The focus in phase 3 of the Bavarian Business Plan Competition is on the topics of realization, capital requirements and sales planning of your business idea. A complete business plan of about 30 pages is required. The concept should describe the business idea of the product or service in detail and in particular address the roadmap to realization. The participants should develop a sales plan and show how they will cover their capital requirements. The jury also evaluates an executive summary, a description of the market and competition as well as a weighing up of opportunities and risks of the business project, the sales and marketing approach and the structure of the entrepreneurial team.

Business planning know-how

Free business planning workshops are being held in all regions of Bavaria to prepare you for the competition, in times of COVID-19 we also organize online tutorials. In these workshops we support you in developing your business idea, expect a solid introduction to business planning. The workshops both online and offline are tailored to the requirements of the individual competitive phases. A free guidebook also offers initial orientation in business planning (German only).

Guidebook Business Planning


Register here as a participant in the Bavarian Business Plan Competitions - you will then receive access to our competition tool where you can securely upload your business plans.



Head of Business Plan Competitions Munich, Swabia & Ideenreich

Fabian Brunner

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Head of Business Plan Competition Northern Bavaria

Tobias Bladowski

+49 (0) 179 39 79 539

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