Leverage the disruptive potential of startups!

We support corporates and small and medium-sized businesses in finding suitable startups in diverse industrial sectors, we seek to leverage their potential through mutually beneficial cooperations and provide support in successfully founding corporate spin-offs.

Open Innovation & Venture Building: the strategic levers for industry and SMEs

Collaboration with startups offers your company many advantages

There are different ways for large companies and corporations to generate advantages from the world of startups. As part of our consulting services, we will work with you to develop a concept that is ideally suited to your strategic goals and your industry and offers you the desired benefits:

  • Development of further growth potential
  • Impulses for new business areas
  • Identification of new technologies and market access
  • Optimization and cost reductions outside the core business (e.g. in purchasing and development)

Venture Building - taking off with new ideas within the company

It doesn't always have to be a strategic investment or direct cooperation with a startup to leverage disruptive potential in your own company. With BayStartUP's venture building expertise, you can learn from successful startups and achieve positive changes of great strategic value within your company:

  • Develop new business areas from innovations
  • Rethink innovation management
  • Initiate culture change initiatives

Customized consulting from matchmaking to venture building

At the start, all relevant aspects are examined with regard to the opportunities for your company. If you are searching for startups to cooperate with, we will define search criteria with you and perform the research accordingly. If you are planning for an internal approach, we will set the course.

During the strategy development, the cornerstones for concrete cooperation with a startup or, alternatively, the modalities for in-house venture building are defined.

We accompany you in the search for suitable startups, in the initiation of cooperations as well as in a possible venture building project. On request, we also design and organize customized projects and events such as trade fairs or competitions that bring you directly into contact with potentially suitable startups.

Analysis & Scouting for your strategy development

Before we start working together, it is important to determine the right direction. Based on our experience, we know the challenges of medium-sized businesses and corporations and can assess the potential on the startup market.

  • With a Startup Readyness Assessment of your company, we recognize to what extent it is ready for cooperation with a startup 
  • Concept development for innovation potentials
  • Development of search criteria for startup scouting
  • To find the best possible startup companies for you, we conduct targeted technology trend and startup analyses
  • We accompany the matchmaking and are at your side if questions arise, which we can clarify or moderate with our expertise

Venture Building - Develop Business Concepts Like a Startup

When advising large companies, we often discover that a cooperation with a startup is not necessarily the ideal way to achieve the set goals. In this case, we support you in your internal venture building.

  • Analysis of your internal new venture concepts with regard to potential and prospects of success
  • Identification of blind spots in the concepts using proven startup methods to prepare corporate strategy decisions
  • Training modules and individual coaching for your teams about the way startups work and think

Process consulting for an optimal collaboration right from the start

Startups and corporations have different cultures. In order for this to result in a win-win situation, it is important to prepare the traditional company for collaboration.

  • Realignment of processes in the sense of open innovation
  • Integration of startup collaborations into the innovation process of the company

Projects & events for getting to know each other personally on site

Discovering new concepts and discussing them together to gain new impetus for your company. This is exactly what we offer customized projects and events for, where we focus on the specific needs of individual companies or entire industries.

  • Customized startup events and challenges
  • Startup competitions for specific tasks
  • Customized innovation workshops and matching events
  • Industry conferences on startup technology trends and startup collaborations

More than 20 years of experience in working with startups

We understand the startup world

  • 500 startups in support every year
  • Over 2,000 startups in active network
  • Annual business plan competitions and pitching events
  • Over 70 workshops per year

We understand companies and corporations

  • 10+ years of startup consulting for industry and SMEs
  • Experience with hosting startup areas, hackathons and workshops as well as with scouting, matchmaking, spin-off support and consulting of innovation processes

Selected projects, events and challenges

B2B Startup Industry Conference

  • Objective: to present current, innovative solutions from B2B startups to our industry partners. Best practice sharing between industry participants: Concepts and experiences from startup collaborations and open innovation concepts.

  • Program and result: Industry Keynote - 15 startups present their current, innovative B2B solutions, exhibition of the startups, opportunity for detailed discussions with industry participants, exchange on feasibility and challenges regarding startup solutions.

  • Our services: Startup scouting as well as planning and moderation of the conference.





Corporate-Startup-Meetup Japan

  • Objective: To identify Bavarian B2B startups with potential for cooperation with Japanese corporations.
  • Program and result: For each of the 13 participating corporations, suitable startups were identified according to different search fields and requirement profiles. In matchmaking events 21 startups were presented incl. min. 5 individual meetings with startups per group.
  • Our services: Startup scouting & matchmaking as well as planning and moderation of the meetup.

AVNET Secure IoT Challenge

  • Objective: Together with AVNET we were looking for startups from the DACH region with innovative Secure IoT solution concepts based on Microsoft Azure Sphere and with potential for implementation and international marketing.
  • Process and result: 15 startups were selected and supported with hardware and support in a 6-week work phase during concept development. The two winning teams were accepted into the subsequent proof-of-concept phase, with the goal of market launch in 6 months.
  • Our services: Startup scouting, support of startups in working phase as well as planning and moderation of the challenge.

Siemens IIot Challenge

  • Objective: Startups with innovative solutions in the field of AI and edge computing were sought for two concrete use-cases in the IIoT environment.
  • Process and results: 22 startups were selected for participation. During a working phase, solution concepts were developed, and the finalists pitched in front of a jury of experts. The awarding of the winners took place during the SPS trade fair.
  • Our services: Advising the customer on the definition of the use-cases, startup scouting, support of the startups in the work phase as well as planning and moderation of the challenge.

Our partners from industry and SMEs

BayStartUP's industry partners are innovative corporations and medium-sized companies that have recognized the importance of open innovation. These are, for example, companies that either already cooperate with startups or have a strong interest in cooperating with startups in the future. Our partners also include medium-sized companies and corporations that value our offerings and services in the startup ecosystem and are actively involved in the BayStartUP network.

Here is a selection of our partner companies:

Our experts for startup collaborations

We support industry and SMEs in finding suitable startups for cooperations, leveraging potentials in the cooperation and successfully founding corporate startups ourselves.

We have long-standing relationships with many of the teams in our network and thus have an excellent overview of the latest technologies. In addition, we have a high level of methodological expertise and a detailed understanding of the framework conditions in which companies from industry and SMEs operate.

We would be happy to explain to you in an initial discussion how we can increase the innovative power of your company with our offer.

Let's talk about your potential now!

Head of Industry Cooperations, Member of the Management Board

Christoph Rommel

+49 (0) 160 995 719 74

Christoph Rommel is a member of the management board and is responsible for the Industrial Cooperation division at BayStartUP. He supports established companies in working successfully with startups, learning from startups, setting up the right structures for cooperation and implementing startup methods, including the conceptual implementation of corporate startups.

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