Winners in phase 2 of the Munich Business Plan Competition

5 Startups convince in phase 2 of the Munich Business Plan Competition

Max Achmedschin, Head of the Munich Business Plan Competition, on the field of participants:

“The business ideas pick up on current trends, for example by developing AI software solutions for well-known problems in industry as well as new approaches in VR. But it is also great to see that there is a broad spectrum of new business ideas with new approaches from the pharmaceutical research and biotechnology sectors.”

These are the winning teams

EpiCure from Munich is the clinical development of the active ingredient carbacitabine. This is intended to replace structurally related agents in AML and MDS therapy due to its lower toxicity and increased efficacy.

UNWARE from Ingolstadt is developing the future of virtual reality in companies (= Industrial Metaverse) for convenient and inclusive use without additional equipment on the body

Qualiwise from Deisenhofen is developing a platform for quality collaboration for industrial manufacturers and suppliers. The platform streamlines the processes of both sides using AI, helps to solve the problem of supplier quality and makes procurement more flexible.

Fluvion from Freising develops biomimetic bioreactors. This new generation of bioreactors enables the efficient scaling and utilisation of secreting epithelial cells in industry. As a result, biological fluids and complex active pharmaceutical ingredients can be produced in a climate-neutral and cost-effective way without animals.

CertHub rom Munich automates and digitalises the regulatory work of medical device manufacturers for product documentation and approval using AI-supported software. Medical devices can thus be brought to market more quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

These start-ups were also nominated in phase 2 of the Munich Business Plan Competition:

Audavis is a cloud automation and AI solution for the annual audit and internal audit.

maple. uses generative algorithms to generate optimised floor plans in just a few seconds and thus significantly accelerate the planning process for buildings.

Neutron Star Systems uses superconductors to develop space mobility solutions to ensure sustainable and efficient operation in space.

Patalyze automates repetitive workflows for patent experts with generative AI to make tasks such as freedom-to-operate searches more cost-effective and precise.

VORTEX AEROTEC is developing a vertical take-off long-range drone to deliver the middle mile of the logistics chain.

Participate in phase 3 until June 11

Founders from Southern Bavaria can enter the third and final phase of the competition until June 11 2024 - even if they did not take part in the previous phases. The focus is on the team, roadmap and financial planning.

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