Quantum Systems – Drones for industrial purposes

The team won the Munich Business Plan Competition in 2017. Since then, the company has mastered several milestones.

"People from the scene invest millions in drone startup Quantum-Systems" – that was one of the headlines recently about the startup that is currently successfully shaking up the market with its solution: Quantum-Systems is developing unmanned vertical takeoff and landing aircrafts that combine the advantages of helicopters and airplanes in a new innovative flight system.

With the news of the second round of financing, in which the Munich-based 10x Group of Felix Haas, Jan Becker, Andreas Etten and Robert Wuttke, among others, took a stake in Quantum-Systems, the company emphasizes its ambition to establish itself as a leading company for industrial drones. Since 2017, Quantum-Systems has grown its workforce to 100 employees and moved into a modern business building in ASTO Park in Gilching near Munich. The team has continuously doubled its revenue every year since then, most recently to 6.5 million euros. Currently, around 800 of its UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) are in operation worldwide.

"The stage in which we grew to over 50 employees was certainly a boost, but it also didn't pass us by entirely without growth pains," explains Armin Busse, COO at Quantum-Systems. "Then, about a year ago, we moved into our current business building, and that has welded us together as a team even more."

Innovative drone concept

Quantum-Systems' systems do not require a runway and can fly over 100 times further, 5 times faster and up to 6 times longer than any other product available on the market. The complete solution also includes efficient mission planning software and licenses for all common evaluation software. This complete package serves applications in which aerial image data must be used for process optimization. The solution can be used, for example, in smart farming, for volume calculation in open-pit mining, for surveying work for large construction sites, for real-time position recognition, for tactical mapping, as part of search and rescue operations or even for the automated inspection of railroad tracks.

The "Drone Port" as a vision

From surveying the Chernobyl exclusion zone in order to map radioactive waste to the automated recording of Deutsche Bahn's route network – a lot has happened entrepreneurially for the team since their participation in the Munich Business Plan Competition. Their most important project at the moment is to push ahead with the automation of all processes.

Armin Busse, COO at Quantum Systems

It is essential that a customer without specific qualifications can immediately use our solution and receive high-quality data that they need for their problem analysis. Therefore, our current focus is on the mission planning and execution software at the customer site.

The vision: to create a so-called "Drone Port" that can be operated autonomously and stores an entire magazine of different drones inside it. Based on an event, an alarm or a command, this drone port can take the best available drone from the magazine, insert the battery, integrate the right sensor and transfer the corresponding mission to the drone. The drone then executes the mission fully automatically and transmits the data to an AI, which performs an analysis of the data before only informing the human of the result. "In our imagination, such a drone port can be operated by an existing control center – for example, the police or fire department – and thereby be used in various rescue missions such as missing persons search, mountain rescue or identification of embers." In addition, he said, it is also conceivable that surveying offices or farmers could request a mission to collect data.

Further growth targeted

"We must continue to invest intensively in sales in order to secure further market share worldwide, and of course we are going full throttle in the area of development," says Busse. Thus, on the one hand, the fresh capital from the current round will be used to make existing products even more efficient. "On the other hand, there is still a lot to do before we can fully realize our vision, which has already been briefly described: in the long term, we would like to be the European Drone Champion in the field of vertical-launch aircraft drones of our size."

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