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Pre-seed funding for ShopVibes

Six-figure pre-seed funding for Munich-based B2B-SaaS-startup that enables simplified, digitized and automated processes in sales with its software solution. The investors include Dr. Heinz Raufer, Ralf Fischer, Reinhard Wick, Quirin Herz as well as Hannes Detjen and Emil Beck.

ShopVibes uses its digital platform solution to connect small and medium-sized manufacturers and their brands with their retailers. With the fresh capital, the company intends to advance technological development and expand the team.

The growing complexity and technical requirements created by multi-channel sales pose major challenges for small and medium-sized manufacturers. This is where the ShopVibes software solution comes in: all product and sales-relevant data and processes are mapped digitally in a centralized manner. The technology also supports the optimization of product data for the best possible placement in all sales channels by generating product data from various sources, aggregating it and making it intelligently usable. Using flexible export formats, this data can then be exchanged with all sales partners and channels.

Philipp Schlieker, CTO and Co-Founder of ShopVibes

Current solutions on the market are very complex and expensive to implement and use, and thus primarily make sense for enterprise customers. With our lean solution, we finally give SMEs access to a professional product information management system. With our technology, we increase the degree of digitalization in sales enormously and thus replace time-consuming and expensive manual processes and Excel tables.


Ralf Fischer, BayStartUP Investor Network 

When we set up our service for the retail sector with verticalAds Group, we were shocked by the poor quality of the product data available. Little has changed in Europe since then. Yet these are the basis of every digital buying decision. ShopVibes addresses this problem with an efficient and automated software solution that promises brands and stores a direct uplift in sales. A large market, the attractive product solution and the promising founding team are the decisive arguments for my investment.

Daniel Wimmer, founder of ShopVibes

We are very pleased that we have been able to attract investors with relevant experience to further advance our vision of a central, digital platform for multi-channel sales for SMEs. We will primarily invest in the expansion of our team and thus in product development and further expansion.

Photo: Daniel Wimmer (CEO) and Philipp Schlieker (CTO)

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