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Growth capital for HR startup Retorio

Basinghall Partners new on board, BayStartUP investor network arranges financing

With Basinghall Partners, an institutional investor has now joined the Munich-based startup through BayStartUP; the investment is in the 7-digit range. The previous investors and a new private investor are also investing.

Dr. Patrick Oehler, co-founder of Retorio 

BayStartUP provided us with significant support in successfully closing the current financing round. We felt very comfortable throughout the entire support and can recommend this positive experience to all startups. Many thanks to the entire team for the great cooperation, we are very happy to be part of this strong network.

Retorio will use the fresh capital to drive forward their product development, as well as customer acquisition in Germany and abroad.

Yannick Wilden, Partner at Basinghall Partners Limited

Basinghall is glad to be part of the BayStartup investors network. BayStartUP is a valuable partner and scouting source, introducing great startup teams with strong technologies, such as the Basinghall portfolio startup retorio. 

Retorio has developed a software that optimizes talent management by combining artificial intelligence with scientific findings from psychology and organizational research. Even from short videos, Retorio can reliably recognise the communication behaviour and important personality traits of employees and applicants. A central feature of the Retorio software is the AI-based analysis of short videos, which helps recruiters, for example, to recognize the personality and soft skills of their applicants and match them with corporate culture and job requirements.  

Dr. Patrick Oehler, co-founder of Retorio

In recent months, the topic of video recruiting has become particularly relevant. This is where we come in: our AI recognises behaviour through voice, language, gestures and facial expressions and creates a personality profile based on this. It makes subjective personality impressions objectifiable with over 92% accuracy and thus replaces individual opinions. 

This not only makes the application process faster, but also more objective and fairer. Another possible application is the training of employees, who can use the software to analyse their own appearance and impact. In the longer term, Retorio is to become a more general interface between the workforce and the database of companies. On the one hand, this link helps companies to find suitable talent more quickly and easily; on the other hand, it supports the further development of employees.  

Retorio's customers include companies such as ADAC, Personio and Airtame.

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