Exit at Hofmann & Stirner Feeding Systems

World market leader takes over Munich AI startup based at the MTZ

The global market leader for automated feeding solutions Rhein-Nadel Automation GmbH (RNA) acquires the startup Hofmann & Stirner Zuführsysteme GmbH (H&S). High-Tech Gründerfonds invested in Hofmann & Stirner in 2018 together with a Bavarian family office. BayStartUP connected the founders with the investors in 2018.

Dr. Daniel Hofmann, Co-Founder of Hofmann & Stirner Zuführsysteme GmbH (H&S), says:

Feeding technology is omnipresent. Each production item that is manufactured must enter the production plant in its individual parts.

And that is exactly what feeding technology does. It is a key technology for numerous production companies. H&S was founded in 2016 and develops innovative hardware as well as SaaS solutions (digital twins and AI) for feeding technology. As a technology leader in its field, H&S had recently received coveted awards in the industry such as the Handling Award 2020. Large automation companies and plant operators from the electronics sector, automotive, toy industry and many other sectors are already among Hofmann & Stirner's customer base.

With the acquisition of Hofmann & Stirner through Rhein-Nadel Automation (RNA), the company is further expanding its global market leadership. The family-owned company with headquarters in Aachen has been developing feeding solutions for over 50 years and can draw on a database of more than 50,000 feeding systems.

BayStartUP prepared financing round in 2018

HTGF invested in H&S in 2018 together with a Bavarian family office. BayStartUP connected the two founders Daniel Hofmann and Florian Stirner with their investors via a targeted matching process and the VentureCon Growth investor conference.

Simon Math, Senior Investment Manager at HTGF, says:

The high relevance of the feeding technology and the degree of innovation of the solution were decisive factors for us in the investment. In the two years that we have been involved in H&S, we have primarily financed product development and the establishment of sales. We are extremely satisfied with the company's development in this short time and what the highly motivated (founding) team has achieved. We are pleased to have found a partner for H&S in RNA, who can further develop the company with its treasure chest of data and many years of experience.

Here is what happens next

Hofmann & Stirner Zuführsysteme GmbH will operate on the market as RNA Digital Solutions GmbH after the takeover has been completed. RNA Digital Solutions will drive the further development of the SaaS business model and in the long term also offer digital solutions to other customers outside of feeding technology. AI and simulation will support RNA in the development of its feeding solutions in the future.

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