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BioTech-Startup NEUREVO wins the Munich Business Plan Competition 2020

Competition finals

The secret is out: NEUREVO, Manyfolds and qbound take the first three places in the Munich Business Plan Competition 2020.

In this third phase, the startups had to be particularly convincing regarding their business idea, capital requirements and sales planning. They were able to prove themselves against one of the strongest fields of participants of the last ten years: 117 startups had submitted their business plans in the final phase. The three winners will receive prize money totaling 30,000 euros.

1st place goes to NEUREVO.

The startup develops neuroprotective therapies against the consequences of strokes and against neurodegenerative diseases such as ALS or Parkinson's disease.


2nd place goes to Manyfolds

They offer a total solution for customized, sustainable shipping packaging.


3rd place goes to qbound

The start-up operates in the field of IT security and is developing an innovative identity and access management solution for this purpose.


The winners in detail

1st place: NEUREVO
NEUREVO develops neuroprotective therapies against the consequences of stroke and neurodegenerative diseases such as ALS or Parkinson's disease. The start-up has already discovered two substances and a new mechanism of action that has been tested very successfully in preclinical trials. Currently, only a GLP toxicity study is pending to test one of the substances in a clinical phase I/II trial, thus taking the drug development process one step closer to the patient.

2nd place: Manyfolds UG (limited liability)
Manyfolds has developed a system for creating size-optimized and environmentally friendly shipping packages. Using an app, the sizes of the goods to be shipped are determined by image recognition and the cutting patterns of the shipping packaging are generated automatically. The production of the packaging is done by compact rental machines at the customer's site or by an external production service. Filling materials are no longer required, the pricing model is transparent and unboxing is effective. With less air in the packaging, direct reductions in logistics traffic and significant CO2 savings are possible.

Place 3: qbound GmbH
IT security is one of the greatest challenges facing our society - this is becoming clear every day. In order to protect organizations and companies, qbound develops an innovative identity and access management solution. It ensures that only authorized users can access the right application (on-premise, cloud & IoT) at the right time and for the right reasons. qbound thus provides the secure infrastructure for digital business models.

Further nominees from phase 3

  • cogniBIT enables manufacturers of autonomous vehicles to test the safe interaction of their vehicles with human road users in simulation.
  • Easy2Parts GmbH networks buyers of production parts and assemblies with manufacturing companies via AI software.
  • flint.gg creates a social network of gamers for gamers and helps them to bundle their relevant gaming content and accounts at a central location.
  • With a digital monitoring platform Mindpax supports psychiatrists in diagnosis, early detection and therapy decisions as well as patients in their handling of the mental illness.
  • sewts GmbH develops control software for industrial robots to enable them to develop more sensitive motor skills.

The next competition season

With the Munich Business Plan Competition, BayStartUP has been supporting prospective founders from southern Bavaria since 1996. The Munich Business Plan Competition is celebrating its 25th anniversary next season. Starting in the fall of this year, startups from all over southern Bavaria can once again apply with their business concepts in a total of three phases at www.baystartup.de. To accompany this, BayStartUP is offering start-up workshops and networking events throughout Bavaria.

(Photo NEUREVO: BayStartUP / Andreas Gebert)

A big thank you to the main sponsor of the event, LfA Förderbank Bayern.

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