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Great diversity of industries in the field of participants - DeepTech particularly strong in Munich

Ten Startups Convince in Munich Business Plan Competition, Phase 1

Startups that want to get off to a fast start in the market need dynamic and strategic business planning. Ten startups from the fields of medical technology, renewable energies and B2B software solutions were able to convince the jury of their business concepts in the first of three phases of the Munich Business Plan Competition 2023.

Energyminer and Otter Energy Trading impressed with their approaches to hydropower and solar power. The startups PURAY, RYVER.AI, Sedivention and Viable Surgery impressed with innovative medical technology. And with software and technologies for industrial and business customers, for example in the field of food technology and 3D printing, additive electronics, audivio, Data Q Company and Harmonize made it into the top ten.

BayStartUP's Munich Business Plan Competition has been a springboard for startups on their way to becoming growth companies for over 25 years.

Fabian Brunner, Head of Munich Business Plan Competition:

The topic of DeepTech, for which startups from Munich are so well known, is also reflected in the submissions to this year's competition. Participant teams from the state capital are particularly strong here, especially from the university environment. Overall, however, we see a pronounced diversity of industries among the participants, who come from all over Upper Bavaria.

Apply for phase 2 until 28.03.

Start-ups from all over southern Bavaria can still enter the second competition phase until March 28, 2023 - even if they did not participate in phase 1. The focus is on marketing and sales.

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These are the winning teams

additive electronics GmbH

Electrifies 3D printing and provides 3D printers, development software and inks for additively manufactured 3D free electronics. The team offers 3D printers to produce electronic components built from electrically conductive and non-conductive materials. This enables novel device designs and functionalities, such as IoT sensors that can measure as well as process and relay information.


audivio is an audience analytics tool that provides advertisers with insights into the interests and behaviours of users. The web app automatically analyses livestreaming audiences. The insights generated segment audiences according to interests, behaviour, payment power, loyalty and size. This mix of qualitative and quantitative analyses distinguishes audivio from existing solutions.

Data Q Company GmbH

Effective data management by involving employees who do not have "data" in their job title: Companies are increasingly trying to make data-based decisions. DQC makes AI-based data quality transparent, accompanies corrections and promotes collaboration. Employees use DQC as part of their familiar software packages. With DQC, companies increase their data quality, employee satisfaction and their bottom line through better decisions.

Energyminer GmbH

Energyminer is revolutionising hydropower with a low-cost technology that does not negatively impact nature: the company, founded in 2021, has developed and applied for a patent for a new technology that produces electrical power in rivers quickly, cleanly, sustainably and cost-effectively. Implementation is fast and with little effort.

Otter Energy Trading

Otter Energy Trading enables companies with solar plants to use and market their own electricity more profitably: The start-up enables companies to profitably market their self-generated solar power through various channels with the help of smart software. In this way, companies can sell the electricity they do not consume themselves locally without high grid fees or at current market prices on the electricity exchange.

Harmonize GmbH i. G.

Harmonize makes it possible to measure and digitally control the taste of food. The team succeeds in synthesising biotechnologies and AI to make the taste of food measurable and thus digitally controllable. The Flavor Engineering technology is marketed as a B2B SaaS platform. In this way, manufacturers can precisely control the taste of our food of the future and design it in a targeted manner.


The Puray team is developing a medical catheter that is continuously disinfected with UVC light during use. The light eliminates viruses and bacteria and is harmless to humans at the same time. For the first time, patients are safely and reliably protected from catheter-associated hospital infections.


RYVER.AI generates test and training data for radiology AI, making it safer: Radiology AI products are often unreliable due to lack of access to data. RYVER.AI solves this problem with its generative AI for radiology images. These imitate the real world, but do not belong to any real patients. This means they can be used for training radiology AI without compromising data protection.

Sedivention GmbH

Treating obesity by sclerosing the "hunger nerve" from inside the stomach: Sedivention is developing a catheter, the Blizzard Balloon, to treat obesity. The nerve fibres that conduct the feeling of hunger from the stomach to the brain are sclerosed from the stomach using cold - outpatient and non-invasive. The patient then no longer feels hungry and can lose weight more easily.

Viable Surgery

VIABLE Surgery develops surgical devices that simplify the workflow of minimally invasive surgery: VIABLE Surgery develops surgical devices that simplify minimally invasive surgery workflows and give surgeons more control. Simplified and faster tool changes lead to shorter surgeries, more efficient workflows and less distraction.

These start-ups were also nominated in the first phase of the competition:

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