Dymium wins the Munich Business Plan Competition 2022

The winners in the final

With a minimally invasive treatment method for the residue-free removal of kidney stones, the MedTech startup Dymium wins first place in the finals of the Munich Business Plan Competition. Second and third place go to NIMMSTA from Munich and Reverion from Eresing.

The winning teams decide the final competition phase in their favor after two evaluation rounds with over 70 participant teams from all over southern Bavaria. They receive winner prizes totaling 30,000 euros. Their focus is on solutions for the MedTech, IOT logistics and energy supply sectors.

Dr. Carsten Rudolph, Managing Director of BayStartUP

Many of the founding teams came from the life science and tech sectors and are developing new technologies out of universities. The nominees and winners in this year's competition are characterized by a high degree of maturity and technical quality. The best prerequisites for getting off to a successful start, even in times of crisis.


A huge thank you to our long-time partner and sponsor of the business plan competitions, LfA Förderbank Bayern.

These are the winning teams

Dymium is a minimally invasive treatment method for residue-free removal of kidney stones.

The NIMMSTA HS 50 is an Industrial Smart Watch that achieves an efficiency increase of over 50% in numerous intralogistics processes.

Reverion produces revolutionary, reversible, CO2-negative power plants for biogas.

1st place: Dymium from Munich
Dymium is a minimally invasive treatment method for the residue-free removal of kidney stones. Caused by residual fragments, more than 30% of patients experience a recurrence of symptoms. This high rate can be drastically reduced with the help of magnetic separation technology.

2nd place: NIMMSTA GmbH from Munich, Germany
The NIMMSTA HS 50 is an industrial smart watch that achieves an efficiency increase of over 50% in numerous intralogistics processes. It combines smart watch, industrial scanner and e-paper display in one device. Entries, confirmations and corrections are made immediately and all data arrives in the warehouse management system in real time.

3rd place: Reverion GmbH from Eresing, Germany
Reverion has developed and patented a technology for generating electricity from biogas with revolutionary efficiency, reversible operating mode (power-to-gas) and unrivaled flexibility. With a founding team that brings a total of more than 25 years of experience in the energy sector, Reverion opens up new optimization potential in the biogas market and heralds a new era of highly flexible, efficient and decentralized energy supply.



Also nominated in the finals were:

  • 2NA FISH from Munich enables simple, cost-effective and robust analysis of gene activity in a spatial context. The platform technology makes it possible for the first time to develop in vitro diagnostics for cancer therapy decisions that quantify gene activity patterns (RNA expression) in a spatial tissue context.
  • hyperdrives from Munich develops power-dense and highly integrated electric drive systems. Key to the compact and efficient e-motors is cooling - this is done directly through the winding instead of at the housing.
  • Qlibri from Munich builds and sells a novel microscope based on a technology from quantum optics. Researchers and developers from nano and quantum technology can thus make extremely small objects visible for the first time.
  • sqior medical from Munich is developing a smartphone-based assistance system that provides clinicians with information, simplifies clinical tasks and automates administrative processes. For example, communication and control of the perioperative process can be automated.
  • VESTIGAS from Eggenfelden enables the digital processing of delivery documents in building materials logistics through a newly developed certification algorithm, resulting in high savings for all process participants (suppliers, forwarders and construction companies).

Hans Peter Göttler, Deputy Chairman of the Board of LfA, sponsoring partner of the competition, congratulates the winners:

The founding teams in this year's competition have presented impressive and innovative business ideas. I congratulate the winners very warmly! I am already very excited about their next entrepreneurial steps. Many startups from past competitions are successful companies today. In order to get off to a good start, suitable financing is necessary. LfA supports founders - especially in challenging times - with development loans, risk assumption and venture capital tailored to their needs.

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