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Munich-based PropTech startup spaciv receives seven-figure seed funding

Founders convince investors with their cloud-based web application for dynamic and predictive planning of office workspaces

spaciv's cloud-based web application is aimed at companies that can use it for the first time to analyze personnel and space data holistically to determine space requirements and optimize planning in a forward-looking manner.

Proper office planning has become a critical success issue for companies: Workplace costs are among the largest expense items for many companies with office-based operations. At the same time, prices per square meter for commercial space are rising in many locations, while the pandemic has once again intensified the trend toward flexible working, including home offices. Companies need to identify the right space requirements to calculate the optimal mix of space and thus increase space productivity. With spaciv, they can now for the first time create a detailed model of their organizational units and their requirements. They simulate future scenarios and possible changes and automatically calculate their optimal space program. This makes it easier to deal with the complexity and dynamics of actual space requirements and enables the development of efficient space strategies for the working world of the future.

spaciv is a startup and a family business in one: its founders are architect and workplace consultant Malte Koeditz and his father, software developer Ulf Seekamp. Since 2020, the two have been working on the product together with customers and partners. Malte Koeditz takes care of the strategy and product vision, while Ulf Seekamp is responsible for the technical implementation. spaciv convinced investors above all with its holistic approach and the granularity of the data taken into account when calculating space requirements.


Malte Koeditz, co-founder spaciv

Many companies now understand how important the design of workplaces and office space is for corporate culture and ultimately for business success. However, existing tools, such as individually created Excel spreadsheets, are often not suitable for mapping requirements in a dynamic, flexible and forward-looking way. With our cloud-based web application, we can change that and optimize companies' space consumption. Initially, we are focusing on industries primarily with office-based activities. In the future, we also want to use our solution in other areas, for example, for production facilities or in urban development.

Christoph Osburg, Senior Investment Manager main incubator

New Work and the associated realignment of workplace models is a development that we at main incubator have been dealing with for quite some time. Due to the acceleration of this trend through the Covid 19 pandemic, we are convinced that now is the right time to go to market with a corresponding solution. spaciv has the potential to help Commerzbank and its corporate customers significantly optimize their use of space. We look forward to supporting spaciv in this mission.

Dr. Carsten Rudolph, CEO BayStartUP

spaciv is a fine example of recognizing market needs and systematically building a suitable business model. The investors in our network of business angels and institutional investors appreciate a transparent presentation of the startup plans. In the BayStartUP team, we are sparring partners for the founding teams here and present the startups to investors in a targeted manner in order to structure the financing efficiently.

With the capital raised, the founders of spaciv will invest in the further development of the product and the professionalization of sales and marketing activities.

Photo: spaciv / Igor Zovic


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