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Winner of the business plan competition Ideenreich 2020

BayStartUP and GZDN award the winning teams in the southeast Bavarian competition.

The secret is out: Yesterday evening, BayStartUP and the Niederbayern Digitalization Start-up Center in Pfarrkirchen awarded prizes to the strongest participating start-ups in the business plan competition Ideenreich 2020.

The winners of the business plan competition Ideenreich 2020 in detail

1st place: ZG Sicherheitstechnik GmbH

ZG Sicherheitstechnik from Schwarzach is a team of developers from the fields of mechanical and electrical engineering. The start-up has developed a patent-pending product for preventive fire protection, which brings more safety and functionality to every household in Europe.

2nd place: Easy2Parts GmbH

The startup from Deggendorf creates the first platform, which connects a social network with a supply chain software and facilitates with AI the procurement of manufacturing parts and building groups enormously. The platform links purchasing companies with their suppliers and enables them to find new suppliers automatically.

Interfaces between Easy2Parts and existing software solutions enable information to be transferred automatically and without media breaks, e.g. offers, orders and contracts. Users enjoy maximum transparency, security and efficient processing.

3rd place: feed!it

Nowadays, silos for animal feed such as corn and grass are covered with plastic silage film and weighted down with sandbags or tires. Plastic films disturb the landscape and are a source of microplastics. In addition, the removal and especially the uncovering of the silo is labor-intensive and accident-prone, and the soiled films cause considerable problems during disposal.

feed!it has found a material based on natural raw materials, which is now applied by machine in a labour-saving and safe way. A further advantage is that the material no longer needs to be removed for silage removal, but can be fed with it or at least composted.

1st place: ZG Sicherheitstechnik GmbH

The first place goes to those from Schwarzach. The company develops products for preventive fire protection.

Second place goes to Easy2Parts GmbH

The company from Deggendorf secured second place with its online portal for production parts.

Place 3: feed!it

Place three occupies the startup feed! it from Ampfing, which makes a lasting alternative available to the plastic silo foil.

The business plan competition Ideenreich

“The Business Plan Competition “Ideenreich" is a regional competition of the Bavarian Business Plan Competitions. It is aimed at startups from Lower Bavaria, Altötting and Mühldorf. All teams receive extensive written feedback on their ideas and business plans from a volunteer jury of experts. It is made up of investors, entrepreneurs and experts in the startup scene. The three top teams receive prize money totaling 2,250 euros in the business plan competition "Ideenreich".

Continue in Phase 2 of the Munich Business Plan Competition

Startups from Lower Bavaria, Altötting and Mühldorf can fine-tune their business concepts even further in the Munich Business Plan Competition. Phase 2, which focuses on marketing and sales, runs until March 17, 2020. Until then, founders can register at www.baystartup.de and submit their documents in a protected area.

In total, innovative companies have the chance to apply with their business concepts in the BayStartUP business plan competitions in three competition phases. Each competition phase has a different focus and places new demands on the teams. A new entry into the competition is possible at any time.

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