Winners in the Business Plan Competition Ideenreich 2023

Educational software, medical technology and AI for health: Startups from the region show innovation potential.

Startups from Lower Bavaria, Altötting and Mühldorf am Inn have their finger on the pulse with their technologies - three of them have now been able to convince the jury of their business ideas in the Ideenreich 2023 business plan competition.

The competition supports founders from the region on their way from the start-up idea to market entry. It is organized by BayStartUP in cooperation with the Gründerzentrum Digitalisierung Niederbayern (GZDN). Sponsor of the competition is Bayern Kapital.

The jury selected the startup Lesson Organizer from Passau for first place: it is developing a "hybrid workbench" for teachers that enables the rapid planning and management of high-quality lessons and provides subject-specific didactic support. The team CONNI - also from Passau - in second place offers a handy device that can insert contact lenses easily, comfortably and hygienically without contact with the skin. Enabl3D from Landshut in third place creates everyday aids for people with motor disabilities that are fully automatically adapted to ergonomics by an AI-based app and manufactured via 3D printing.

Thea Kakavand, educator and responsible for the product development of Lesson Organizer

We didn't want to miss the chance to get feedback on our startup idea and business plan from a competent jury. This motivates us and makes us look at our idea again from completely new perspectives.

These are the winners of the Ideenreich 2023 business plan competition

1st place: Lesson Organizer from Passau, Germany.

Lesson Organizer facilitates the planning and administration of lessons, as well as the collaborative work amongst teachers. Thanks to its subject-specific didactic framework, lesson planning is more structured, simpler and can be changed flexibly in the following year. Lesson management is based on curricula and can be easily adapted and integrated into weekly and annual plans. The platform also provides teachers with a space for exchanging ideas with each other.

2nd place: CONNI from Passau, Germany.

CONNI is a fast, clean and comfortable solution for inserting contact lenses. Its patented mechanism applies the contact lens securely and precisely to the iris, counteracting trembling hands and uncontrolled blinking. The entire insertion process works without any contact between finger and sterile lens. Thus, the CONNI device not only makes insertion easier for beginners, but also offers experienced lens wearers noticeable added value in everyday life.

3rd place: Enabl3D from Landshut, Germany.

Enabl3D enables people with motor disabilities or temporary impairments to participate more independently in everyday life through the design of inclusion-enhancing everyday aids and their AI-based adaptation to customer ergonomics. With the help of the simple procurement option via an app, both private users and institutions such as rehabilitation clinics can benefit from the custom-fit production via 3D printing and the customers can be accompanied through the phases of life.

Also nominated were:

  • Quanthill from Passau
    Quanthill is a digital agent for social media and other applications that enables intelligent automation of tasks like commenting.
  • Squadron from Deggendorf
    Squadron offers efficient inspection using autonomous and intelligent drones for optimal use of the photovoltaic system.
  • Tradenergy from Deggendorf
    Tradenergy offers electricity trading software for private individuals.

On the road to market entry with the Bavarian Business Plan Competitions - new opportunities for startups from the region to win

Startups from Lower Bavaria, Altötting and Mühldorf am Inn can further elaborate their business ideas in the second phase of the Bavarian Business Plan Competitions until March 28.

After the approx. 7-page business sketch from phase 1, an approx. 20-page business plan is required here, which should focus more on the marketing and sales strategy. Both participants from the Ideenreich business plan competition and new entrants to the competition can register and submit their documents.

All information is available at

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