Industry Impulse: Optimizing production with AI

Industry Impulses: Optimizing production with AI

Real partners, real learnings – at BayStartUP's "Industry Impulses", a B2B startup and an industrial company present themselves and report on their experiences from working together. The digital event specifically targets industrial companies and startups interested in collaborations.

Learn about:

  • the considerations and criteria that were important to the industrial company when making its decision to partner up with the startup,
  • which new opportunities and innovations arise for industrial company and startup alike,
  • which success factors the partners see for a collaboration, and
  • How the partners deal with challenges in the collaboration.

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Optimizing production with the help of AI: the collaboration of Erium and HAHN Digital

Process analysis and optimization are becoming increasingly important, especially for manufacturing companies. Translating smart factory into a decisive competitive advantage for customers is a key element in meeting increasing demands in terms of market maturity and quality assurance. To leverage the potential in this area, the medium-sized company Hahn Digital and the startup Erium are cooperating.

They are focusing on the potentials that AI brings: Together, they aim to create an offering for analytics use cases in manufacturing processes. The approach they pursue enables a very precise analysis of process and quality parameters, which means that causes of errors in the injection molding process can be detected more quickly. Since Erium's algorithms describe not only the plant but also the manufactured product, they also enable predictions to be made in particular about product quality. Systematic statistical test planning optimizes the start-up time and reduces the effort required to adjust filling processes, for example. Thanks to Erium's technology, even small amounts of data can be sufficient to perform analyses. Hahn Digital provides the corresponding know-how in the field of digital manufacturing and many years of industry expertise.  

Learn more about our talk guests:

Dr. Theo Steiniger, CEO Erium

Dr. Theo Steininger is co-founder and CEO of Erium GmbH, founded in 2019. He is an expert in AI applications and machine learning in complex processes with small data sets. As a PhD astrophysicist, he already gained a lot of experience with statistics and artificial intelligence during his time at the Technical University of Munich and the Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics. Today, he applies his knowledge in the manufacturing industry to reduce uncertainties in production, prevent rework and support decision-making processes. Erium is a technology leader in optimizing complex processes through AI. Its HALerium software solution enables people from a wide range of disciplines to independently create AI models.


Uziel Zontag, CEO of Hahn Digital

HAHN Digital is part of the HAHN Group and was founded as a competence center for Digital Transformation within the Hahn Group. Hahn Digital combines the digital expertise of all Hahn Group subsidiaries and develops digital solutions worldwide. Hahn is a medium-sized group of companies specializing in industrial automation and robotics solutions. Hahn Group currently employs approximately 1,400 people at 28 locations with well-known customers in the automotive, consumer goods, electronics, medical technology and healthcare industries.

www.hahn.digital.de | www.hahn.group

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Moderation: Christoph Rommel (BayStartUP)

Learn more about industry collaborations at BayStartUP: www.baystartup.de/industrie

Note: There will be no recording of this event.

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