An overview of BayStartUP

Key activities

Support for startups and investors

We offer you navigation through the innovative Bavarian Startup scene – whether you run a startup company seeking support and capital or you are interested in investment opportunities in the startup area.

We support innovative startups through the challenges of setting up the company and accelerating the growth. Investors profit from a broad range of startups in different technology markets and are offered qualified matching services. 

BayStartUP is the Bavarian institution for company formation, financing and acceleration. It is supported by the Bavarian Ministry of Economics as well as by private sponsoring partners.  

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Our key support activities:

  • Bavarian Businessplan Competitions: In the regions of Munich, North Bavaria, Bavarian Swabia and south-east Bavaria. Startups get intense feedback on their business plans and have the chance to be awarded as Bavaria’s best founders! 

    The jury includes experienced entrepreneurs, business managers and investors. There are also former participants who are today’s successful startup leaders and give feedback to upcoming founders.
  • The Bavarian network of investors: BayStartUP runs the Bavarian network for all kind of investors that are interested in fast growing young companies. There are more than 250 business angels and around 100 institutional investors listed, such as venture capital funds, public investors, big companies’ venture subsidiaries and incubators. Hence the Bavarian financing network is one of the biggest in Germany. In 2016, BayStartUP initiated and supported financing rounds of more than 68 Mio. Euro seed and growth capital for 54 startups. 

    In the financing network, we support startups seeking seed as well as growth capital.

    To provide the most efficient matching of startups and investors, BayStartUP helps the young companies to prepare thoroughly before addressing potential investors. The BayStartUP Team then creates various opportunities to establish qualified contact between startups and investors: by personal recommendation or on financing events such as venture conferences. 

    Especially for business angels, we arrange exclusive meetings with a selection of interesting startups. We also offer support for unexperienced private investors.

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  • Know-how and Coaching: The experienced BayStartUP team helps startup companies to shape their business strategy and to prepare all documents that are representing the company especially to investors or strategic partners. This includes the businessplan, pitch decks, etc.

    BayStartUP is not a business consultancy but gives intense feedback and coaching to startup teams. 

    Furthermore we set up a workshop programme that meets the needs of young, fast growing companies at different stages: we offer workshops ranging from basic business planning to more in-depth topics like legal issues for entrepreneurs, patent law, business development, financial management and marketing. 
  • BayStartUP network: We are linked to all relevant players in the startup area. We establish contact to investors as well as to other organisations, managers and specialists in different branches and topics that are relevant for young companies. We also cooperate with the Bavarian universities and universities of applied sciences. 

Apart from the Bavarian Ministry of Economics and company sponsors, BayStartUP ist supported by the private members of two Bavarian associations (“Förderverein innovatives Unternehmertum Nordbayern e. V.” and “Förderverein innovatives Unternehmertum Südbayern e. V.”). Amongst the association members there are many startups that had been supported before.

BayStartUP was established in 2014, merging the two Bavarian startup organisations netzwerk nordbayern and evobis/Munich Businessplan Competition that had been active since 1996.

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