The best teams in the Business Plan Competition Swabia 2020

From cutting machines for roofing membranes to farm management software: these are the winning start-ups in the Business Plan Competition Swabia 2020.

Yesterday evening BayStartUP awarded prizes to the best startups in the Business Plan Competition Swabia 2020 in Augsburg. It is endowed with a total of 2,250 euros.

Fabian Brunner, Head of the Business Plan Competition Swabia:

We have received submissions from all parts of Bavarian Swabia this competition season. This year, the focus was on robotics, ICT and services. The concepts of the teams are very promising, and we will certainly hear from some of the participants in the market. With the Business Plan Competition Swabia we want to offer them a springboard for their further development.

Rooffox secured first place with a cutting machine for roofing membranes. This considerably minimizes the physical and temporal stress for roofers.
The jury chose qbilon as second place: "The start-up company's platform quickly and automatically creates an overview of the entire IT landscape in companies.
FarmAct achieves third place with its data management software for farmers.

The winners in detail

1st place, endowed with 1,000 euros: Rooffox

The Flat Roof Fox from Rooffox UG in Augsburg, Germany, is used to cut roofing membranes on flat roofs. Recurring cutting processes can be easily set and automated. Compared to cutting by hand, several work steps are eliminated. With a weight of less than 25 kg and two wheels, the machine can be used flexibly on the roof. The physical strain on the workers is greatly reduced, skilled workers can be used for other work. Due to the time savings of over 70%, the purchase costs are quickly amortized.

2nd place, endowed with 750 Euro: qbilon

qbilon is a software from Augsburg, Germany, which provides the responsible employees with an overview for their IT transformation. This reduces costs and at the same time increases the agility and reliability of the IT. To make this possible, qbilon automatically creates a map of the entire company's IT and thus provides an overview of existing servers, programs and how they are connected. Based on this information, IT managers can create individual analyses and evaluations for their company in qbilon.

3rd place, endowed with 500 Euro: FarmAct

FarmAct from Augsburg offers farmers a central data management software (farm management system), which is offered as Software-as-a-Service through a cloud-based web application. In FarmAct, farmers can digitize their office and capture data directly from machines, software systems of all kinds, as well as through manual input. The centralized collection of all farm-related data enables planning, analysis, forecasts and reports to be produced in the right format for governmental control bodies. Farmers can thus reduce the documentation effort by about 60 % (20h per month).

Further chances of winning for startups from Swabia

Startups from Bavarian Swabia and Landsberg am Lech can fine-tune their business concepts even further in the Munich Business Plan Competition. Phase 2, which focuses on marketing and sales, will run until March 17, 2020. Until then, founders can register at and submit their documents in a protected area.

In total, innovative companies have the chance to apply with their business concepts in the business plan competitions of BayStartUP in three competition phases. Each competition phase has a different focus and places new demands on the teams. A new entry into the competition is possible at any time.

BayStartUP offers extensive free workshops for founders to prepare them for the competition and to teach start-ups the basics of business planning. Those interested can find the dates for these workshops at

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