Winner of the Ideenreich 2024 business plan competition

Digital platform for construction plans, medical and food technology: the start-ups from the region are diverse and demonstrate innovative strength. 

Start-ups from Train, Passau, Vilshofen, Straubing, Zwiesel and Landshut are at the cutting edge with their technologies - three of them have now been able to convince the jury of their business ideas in the Ideenreich 2024 business plan competition. 

The competition supports founders from the region on their way from the start-up idea to market entry. It is organised by BayStartUP in cooperation with the Gründerzentrum Digitalisierung Niederbayern (GZDN). Many thanks to our partners Bayern Kapital and LfA for supporting the competition.

These are the winners of the Ideenreich 2024 business plan competition

1st place: Prevo from Straubing

Prevo produces environmentally friendly, nutritious and cost-effective microalgae proteins in powder form for drinks and food to enable a nutritious and sustainable diet. This powder covers all the essential proteins for humans, contains valuable vitamins and fats and is environmentally friendly thanks to the low-resource microalgae cultivation.

2nd place: VECTOPLAN from Zwiesel

VECTOPLAN offers a web platform that can store and evaluate millions of data records, thereby automating the planning and visualisation of buildings. Building plans can thus be generated quickly. 

3rd place: TecNurse from Landshut

TecNurse uses a digital platform to connect manufacturers of medical technology products with qualified medical professionals in order to ensure better usability and higher quality of their new products through their expertise. This makes the processes less risky, cheaper and simpler for both sides.

Jona Rott (left), CoFounder at Prevo

We are always looking for exciting opportunities to get feedback on our business, get to know other start-ups and, of course, secure funding. We were thrilled to have the chance to present our start-up at the Ideenreich business plan competition in Bavaria.

Also nominated were:

  • BeeCharitable from Train is a platform for online eSports tournaments - in collaboration with social aid organisations, companies and content creators.
  • Bildungsschmiede from Passau promotes lifelong learning, integration and professional development using digital means. They offer individualised, future-oriented learning paths for a diverse target group from all over the world.
  • FINANZGYM from Vilshofen offers an educational app that helps young people develop healthy financial habits. The app uses playful functions to stimulate the release of dopamine in users and offers personalised practical training.
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