Winners Business Plan Competition Swabia 2024

Sky computing platform, a sustainable, helium-free cooling system and an AI-based solution for monitoring the health of dairy cows: three strong start-up teams from Augsburg demonstrate their innovative strength.

The winners of the Business Plan Competition Swabia have now been determined. Three strong teams from Bavarian Swabia were able to convince the BayStartUP jury of their business concepts.

1st place: Solidcryo

Solidcryo develops innovative heat sinks and cooling systems for low-temperature applications, e.g. in quantum technology. Low temperatures play a decisive role in the performance of quantum sensors and computers. Currently, these temperatures are often achieved with helium-3, an extremely rare substance. Solidcryo's technology makes it possible to reach extreme temperatures without the use of helium-3, which not only lowers costs but also reduces geopolitical dependence on this rare resource. 

Anna Moser, Founder at Solidcryo

As first-time participants, the Swabian Business Plan Competition impressed us with the innovations of the participants. As a DeepTech start-up, we don't produce an everyday product and are therefore delighted about this unusual competition.

2nd place: Perian

Perian offers an innovative sky computing platform that enables companies to manage cloud resources from different providers seamlessly and efficiently. The solution reduces complexity, optimises costs by intelligently selecting the most cost-effective resources and simplifies operations across different clouds. This solves the problem of high cloud expenditure, wastage of resources and dependence on individual providers, resulting in a significant reduction in IT costs and an increase in flexibility.

Anselm Josek, Geschäftsführer bei Perian:

Wir nehmen am Businessplan Wettbewerb teil, weil wir überzeugt sind, dass unsere Sky Computing Plattform das Potenzial hat, die Cloud-Nutzung nachhaltig zu verändern. Durch das Feedback der Jury und den Austausch mit anderen Gründern möchten wir unsere Strategie weiter schärfen und unser Netzwerk ausbauen. Dank BayStartUP haben wir nicht nur wertvolles Expertenwissen erhalten, sondern auch unser Netzwerk erweitert, was uns dem Ziel, führender Anbieter im Bereich Cloud-Management zu werden, ein großes Stück näherbringt.

3rd place: NKTEK

NKTEK is developing HerdTek, an AI-based solution for monitoring the health of dairy cows. Using state-of-the-art hardware and AI analytics, HerdTek enables more precise early detection of diseases in order to minimise the use of antibiotics, react quickly to health problems and thus save costs.

Daniyal Noor, Co-Founder of NKTEK:

We are taking part in the Swabia Business Plan Competition because it is an excellent opportunity to present our business model to a broad jury of experts and receive valuable feedback. We look forward to using the expert feedback to further improve our business idea and our business plan.

These were the other nominees in the Business Plan Competition Swabia 2024

  • AutoStory from Vöhringen is a platform that changes the way vehicle owners and garages communicate in order to make the used car trade safer and more transparent.
  • Make-Your-Move from Merching is a digital platform for the placement of foreign trainees.
  • sensAI from Augsburg is a measuring system for fast, non-destructive material characterisation and identification using AI.

Further opportunities for startups from Bavarian Swabia

Innovative founders from Bavarian Swabia have until 20 March to submit their business concept - with a focus on the topics of business model, marketing and SWOT - in phase 2 of the Bavarian business plan competitions. 

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