Sieger Münchener Businessplan Wettbewerb Phase 2 (Foto: Andreas Gebert)

Munich Business Plan Competition 2023: The winning startups from phase 2

5 top startups awarded

Fish that generate energy, balloons that defeat obesity, catheters that can be self-sterilized by light, a platform for sharing self-generated energy and a technology that makes it possible to print circuit boards yourself: The five technology startups that the BayStartUP startup network awarded in phase 2 of the Munich Business Plan Competition are working on entrepreneurial solutions for these topics.

The award ceremony in the second phase of the Munich Business Plan Competition took place as part of the Munich Startup Demo Night. There, more than 70 Bavarian startup teams, including the award winners, presented their technology innovations to over 700 visitors, including startup fans, investors and startup experts.

In phase 2, the teams focused on marketing and sales and showed how they plan to bring their concepts to market. While some teams are still in the very early stages, others are already in talks with potential investors.

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Dr. med. Ute Nollert, Managing Director of the winning team Sedivention:

The Munich Business Plan Competition offers me, as a founder from the Munich area, fantastic opportunities to network with other entrepreneurs and exchange experiences. But most importantly, the constructive criticism we receive from the jurors helps us improve our business idea and bring it to fruition.

1st place: Sedivention GmbH

Sedivention aims to treat obesity by obliterating the "hunger nerve" from the inside of the stomach. The team is developing a catheter called the "Blizzard Balloon" for this purpose. Using cold temperatures, the nerve fibers responsible for transmitting the sensation of hunger from the stomach to the brain are destroyed, providing an outpatient and non-invasive treatment. After the procedure, the patient no longer feels hunger, making weight loss easier.

  • Team: Dr. Ute Nollert, André Burch, Stéphane Delaloye
  • Industry: LIFE SCIENCES | Medical Technology
  • Origin: Strasslach | private

2nd place: Energyminer GmbH

Energyminer revolutionizes hydropower with a low-cost technology that does not negatively impact nature: founded in 2021, the company has developed and applied for a patent for a new technology that produces electric power in rivers quickly, cleanly, sustainably and cost-effectively. Implementation is fast and with little effort.

  • Team: Dr. Richard Eckl, Dr. Georg Walder, Chantel Niebuhr
  • Industry: TECHNOLOGY | Energy
  • Origin: Inning am Ammersee | private

3rd place: PURAY

The team at PURAY is developing a medical catheter that is continuously disinfected with UVC light during use. The light eliminates viruses and bacteria while being harmless to humans. For the first time, patients are safely and reliably protected from catheter-associated hospital infections.

  • Team: Martin Duffner, Christina Weber, Eduardo Romero Borrero, Erick Pano Paniagu
  • Industry: LIFE SCIENCES | Medical Technology
  • Origin: Munich | TU Munich | EXIST-Gründerstipendium

4th place: additive electronics GmbH

additive electronics electrifies 3D printing, offering 3D printers, development software and inks for additively manufactured 3D free electronics. The team offers 3D printers for manufacturing electronic components built from electrically conductive and non-conductive materials. This enables novel device designs and functionalities, such as IoT sensors that can both measure and process information and continue to spark.

  • Team: Felix Michl, Florian Vetter, Jorin Dinter
  • Industry: TECHNOLOGIES | 3D printing
  • Origin: Gmund a. Tegernsee | private

5th place: Otter Energy Trading

Otter Energy Trading enables companies with solar plants to use and market their own electricity more profitably: The startup enables companies to profitably market their self-generated solar power through various channels using smart software. This allows companies to sell the electricity they do not consume themselves locally without high grid fees or at current market prices on the electricity exchange.

  • Team: Niels Schubert, Roman Kurpatov, Marek Szakacs
  • Industry: ICT | Energy
  • Origin: Munich | TUM Venture Labs

Other nominees

  • Munich-based Dareto offers a modular and scalable self-service edge computing platform for industry, plant engineers and software service providers to manage devices, applications and process data.
  • DQC from Munich enables effective data management by making AI-based data quality transparent, accompanying corrections and promoting collaboration.
  • Harmonize from Munich finally makes it possible to measure and digitally control the taste of food. A tool for the industry to make the food of the future tasty.
  • maple. from Kempten is software that uses generative algorithms to enable architects to quickly generate high-quality building designs and optimize them for various aspects.
  • Telusio from Munich develops a data-centric SaaS solution for quantifying the product carbon footprint.

Photo: BayStartUP / Andreas Gebert

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