Munich Business Plan Competition 2023: The winners in the final

2nd and 3rd place go to Sedivention and baind

The winners of the Munich Business Plan Competition have been announced. Energyminer, Sedivention and baind convinced with their innovative approaches - from the effective use of kinetic hydropower to the non-invasive treatment of obesity and AI-based building control for energy efficiency.

1st place: Energyminer GmbH

Energyminer is tapping into a new renewable energy source - that of kinetic hydropower without interfering with the flow of the watercourse. The company, founded in 2021, has developed and applied for a patent for a new technology that produces electrical power in rivers quickly, cleanly, sustainably and cost-effectively. Implementation takes place with little effort and no interference with nature.

  • Team: Dr.-Ing. Richard Eckl, Dr.-Ing. Georg Walder, Chantel Niebuhr, Natalie Rojko
  • Branch: Energy
  • Origin: Inning am Ammersee | private

2nd place: Sedivention GmbH

Treatment of obesity by sclerosing the "hunger nerve" from inside the stomach: Sedivention is developing a catheter, the Blizzard Balloon, to treat obesity. The nerve fibers that conduct the feeling of hunger from the stomach to the brain are sclerosed from the stomach using cold - on an outpatient basis and non-invasively. Afterwards, the patient no longer feels hungry and can lose weight more easily.

  • Team: Ute Nollert, André Burch, Stéphane Delaloye
  • Branch: Medical technology
  • Origin: Strasslach I private

3rd place: baind GmbH

baind enables energy and CO2 savings in commercial properties through AI-based building control. The areas of heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting and shading are controlled. The AI selects a strategy that is energetically optimal across all systems and takes into account current and expected conditions, including energy generation systems, storage, occupancy and weather.

  • Team: Florian Huber, Hendrik Maier, Sebastian Weisel
  • Industry: PropTech, Artificial Intelligence
  • Origin: Munich | Munich University of Applied Sciences | EXIST-Gründerstipendium

Richard Eckl, CEO at Energyminer:

By participating in the competition, we want to increase the visibility of our start-up for investors and advertise the Series A round. The feedback from the competent jury helps a lot to develop well." "We have been active in the start-up scene for over 10 years. BayStartUp is for us one of the most important institutions for founders in Bavaria.

Other nominees

  • additive electronics from Gmund a. Tegernsee electrifies 3D printing and offers 3D printers, development software and inks for additively manufactured 3D free electronics.
  • einwert from Munich revolves the real estate valuation process and delivers top-quality value appraisals in the shortest possible time. In doing so, they rely on state-of-the-art technology and human appraiser expertise.
  • Harmonize from Munich finally makes it possible to measure and digitally control the taste of food. A tool for the industry to make the nutrition of the future tasty.
  • Otter Energy Trading from Munich enables companies to market their self-generated solar power particularly profitably with the help of smart software.
  • Telusio from Munich develops a data-centric SaaS solution for quantifying the product carbon footprint.

Fabian Brunner, Head of the Munich Business Plan Competition at BayStartUP:

Environmentally friendly, novel energy generation through hydropower, artificial intelligence in building management and a technology that will make the lives of morbidly obese people worth living again: The winners from Phase 3, the final of this year's competition, again show how forward-looking high technologies from Bavaria can soon have a major impact on our economy. The chances are also very good for the five runners-up from the fields of sensor technology, 3D printing, energy trading, PropTech and environmental reporting to achieve long-term and sustainable success in the BayStartUP investor network and beyond. The 2023 competition season was once again characterized by outstanding quality.

At the Bavarian Business Plan Competitions, innovative founders from all sectors benefit from market-oriented professional feedback on their own ideas at a very early stage. Through the competition, they can quickly steer their concepts in a direction that appeals to their market as well as potential partners, investors and customers. Today's successful competition alumni include companies such as Adnymics, Blue ID, Fazua, Flixbus, invenox and Magazino, Testbirds or Toposens.

For many investors, a good competition ranking is a reliable proof of quality and is synonymous with well thought-out, forward-looking business models. Especially for technology-oriented teams that rely on venture capital to build up their company, the Bavarian Business Plan Competitions are seen as a springboard for the first rounds of financing.

Photo: BayStartUP / Andreas Gebert

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