Cooperation as innovation driver.

The forum for industry, small and medium-sized enterprises and SMEs who want to benefit from the progress and developments in the world of startups to increase their own innovative ability.

Increase your innovative ability

As a participant in the BayStartUP Innovation Forum, industrial companies, medium-sized businesses and SMEs benefit from the experience and contacts of BayStartUP and receive in part exclusive insights into progress and developments from the world of startups. You will get to know the most important players and areas of the ecosystem in which cooperation between startups and established companies takes place.

Benefits for companies

  • Gain a quick and focused overview of the most important topics from the B2B startup world 
  • Exchange ideas with other industrial companies, SMEs and small and medium-sized enterprises and profit from their dealings with startups and find the right approach for you.
  • Raise the potential of your own company.
  • Exchange ideas with experts from startups and industry on selected technology topics and develop new ideas for innovations
  • Use the opportunity to exchange ideas with startups to question established thinking patterns and procedures in your company
  • Keep your finger on the pulse of exciting B2B startup technologies and innovations
  • Exchange ideas with other industrial companies, SMEs and small and medium-sized enterprises and profit from their dealings with startups and find the right approach for you.

Benefit from our startup experience

We have been active in the startup market for over 20 years. Every year, we get in touch with more than 800 startups. Thanks to our close contact with the teams, we always are always on the pulse of the latest technologies, business models and know emerging companies personally. We see the industry-relevant trends in the B2B sector at an early stage in the most diverse industries and can evaluate them accordingly.

What you can expect at the BayStartUP Innovation Forum

In our online tutorials we regularly provide practical and compact knowledge in the areas of business planning, entrepreneurship and startup methods.

Current dates:

Receive short impulses relevant to your business from the world of startups: In crisp online sessions, we talk about selected focus topics in dialog with a start-up and an experienced company. We will shed light on current business concepts and innovative solutions.

Topics are for example:

  • Edge Computing in production - which gap can startups close?
  • Robotics in logistics
  • Digital Twins - concrete application examples

6 impulses per year, online (30 minutes dialogue + 15 minutes Q&A)

We will introduce you to the most exciting industry-relevant start-ups from our network. Learn about the technological trends and business models they are developing, expand your knowledge with professional articles and follow interviews with innovative founders*.

7 newsletters per year + BayStartUP magazine "StartUPdate

Exchange of experience among like-minded people on concrete challenges and smart solutions: Learn from startups and established companies how they jointly succeed in establishing and implementing new technologies, which internal company challenges they had to overcome and which approach has proven to be solution-oriented and pragmatic. You can watch the presentations live online or the recording afterwards.

4 online meetings per year, duration approx. 2 h, always at lunchtime

BayStartUP's Startup Demo Nights and VentureCons are established events in the Bavarian startup ecosystem. Startup areas at trade fairs and offers of the incubators are also exciting contact points for industrial companies to make their first personal contact with startups.

On guided tours at the most important startup events in Bavaria, we give members of the Innovation Forum an overview of the most exciting up-and-coming companies and identify the relevant contacts for you so that they can hold targeted talks on site.

Your benefit: No tiresome search for startups or trade fair contacts, guaranteed contact discussions, no waiting, qualified discussion partners, personal guidance from the BayStartUP management.

Dates: (Startup Demo Night, VentureCon, individual excursions to trade fairs and incubators on request, not included in the BIF)

VentureCon Industry takes place twice a year - always with a clear industry or topic focus. Selected top start-ups present their solutions and findings, supplemented by exciting insights and key notes from experts from industry and medium-sized businesses. The number of participants is limited, and members of the Innovation Forum are granted free admission to the event.

2x per year, for dates visit

Learn more

Get to know us. We would be happy to inform you about your opportunities to participate in the Innovation Forum and about our further service offerings.

Introductory Offer

Until 30.04.2021 we offer a three-month free Innovation Forum trial subscription. It ends automatically, an additional cancellation is not necessary.


Head of BayStartUP Industry

Christoph Rommel

BayStartUP Innovation Forum

Annemarie Grund

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