Are you startup-ready?

Cooperation as driver of innovation and growth

In established companies, collaboration with startups can become a catalyst that gives a new boost to your company's innovative power. Innovations from outside give reason to question existing approaches. They offer the chance of much shorter innovation cycles, to become faster than the competition and lead to new products and business ideas.

Types of collaboration:

If you want more than just getting to know the startup scene and different startup methods, there are different types of collaboration:

  • Customer / supplier relationship
  • Development Cooperation
  • Order development
  • Licensing
  • Distribution partnership

We accompany you during the first steps:

  • Status analysis and process consulting 
  • Support in the implementation of new structures and processes
  • Actively involving and engaging your stakeholders
  • Employee training 
  • Contact initiation to suitable startups

Corporate Venturing

The BayStartUP investor network also welcomes industrial companies for equity investments. We are happy to support you in your search for suitable startups.

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This speaks for us

Thanks to our many years of experience in consulting, scouting and matching of startups, we are in direct contact with ambitious entrepreneurs from a wide range of industries on a daily basis.

  • We have an excellent overview of the latest technologies and business models. We build long-standing personal relationships with many teams. 
  • Our employees also have a detailed understanding of industrial companies and the environment in which they operate.
  • We take a detailed look at your company, scrutinize existing primary and secondary processes, analyze your challenges and, on this basis, define strategic goals and individual boundary conditions for startup cooperations in close cooperation with you.